The product you knead.

Once upon a time, small business relied heavily on word of mouth or putting an ad in the Yellow Pages. Not anymore. Dough is a SaaS product that gets leads for you, tracks them, while you watch the profit roll in.

I was given the green light to build the product from the ground up—through naming, copywriting, brand, illustration and UX/UI design for a lead generating splash.

Strategy and structure.

Presenting a fully-functioning prototype of multiple user experiences, one for each on-boarding user-journey. Whether the user was coming in via PPC, social media or organic, I felt it was pivotal to have a content strategy tailored to the user. Creating persona’s, I laid out a clear path and strategy for either onboarding or educating the user if they weren’t ready to commit.

I produced a User Experience that is simple, clean and sophisticated. The dark theme is easy on the eye and makes the colour green (profit/money) play the hero.

What is branding?


What is branding?

Stand out on the shelf.


Stand out on the shelf.

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