Digital Experience—Olive Wellness Institute

A global vision for a science repository on the nutrition, health and wellness benefits of olives and olive products.

The Olive Wellness Institute is a social responsibility venture, sponsored by Boundary Bend Limited. Boundary Bend Limited is a leading producer of premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with olive groves and olive mills in Australia and California USA, and owns Australia’s leading olive oil brands Cobram Estate and Red Island.

We created an incredibly thorough, science-focused website. The website contains a massive database full of articles, video’s, podcasts and many other resources sourced internally and externally, accessible direct from the website.


—Digital Experience

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Flawless integration with worldwide events.

Events happening monthly, in cities all across the world. We setup an events widget that housed details on the events, save to calendar functionality, how to register and the ability to share the events with friends and colleagues.

Users who have a registered account, were even able to save events for later, giving them the ability to confirm with colleagues before committing.


Taking mobile functionality to new heights.

Accessing information on mobile devices in challenging enough. Introduce 100+ article’s, video’s, infographics and other resources into the mix, it’s a nightmare. We created dynamic content, allowing the user to access endless resources with the touch of their finger. Using touch-screen technology to scroll sideways, allowing all resources accessible with only a couple of swipes of the thumb.