Packaging, brand & website design—Aureus Park Truffles

They said we were crazy when we started developing our trufferie in 1999, 2016 will see the fulfilment of the dream; with the maturing of our grand truffle experiment in the Yarra Ranges of Victoria—Daryl Neilson (Founder)

On an early morning (5:30am) we (Fett.) walked through the dew-filled paddock in the Yarra Ranges and walked up into the trufferie. We took photographs of the sun coming up over the hazelnut trees, as we walked—Daryl & Beth spoke about their dream and vision for the project. Truffles are sophisticated fungi, that can only be found by a trained nose. Once found, Daryl hand-delivers his truffles to some of the best restaurants across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Fett created a clandestine-like aurora surrounding the trufferie and it’s farm—implying the truffles came from a secret forest. We introduced, atmospheric photography from that winter morning and materials containing black, white and gold foiling to coincide with the wealth and elegance truffles bring to the table.

—Food & beverage